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Some people may have a good posture, strong muscles or good height which are the combination of the best personality, but fitness enthusiasts are crazy for yummy tummy and strong midsection nowadays. Men are dedicated to make six or eight packs and women are mad to gain a toned tummy or a zero-size figure. So, if there is any multi gym near you then try setting a daily fitness routine with a set of core exercises that are designed especially for beginners.

Workouts to Strengthen and Shape Up the Core

Beginners are not fitness freaks, so they should not perform many exercises at a day because that can be the reason for internal and external injury for them. Core portion consists the flexors, glutes, abs, back, scapula and a pelvic portion of the midsection part in the body. Thus, some core workouts are practiced at every gym in Kolkata. Have a look at a few exercises that will help you complete your fitness goals:

Tummy Vacuums

Traditional core exercises like crunches and push-ups are old and inactive enough to give attractive shape to your body. Adopt new formula to get a flat tummy instantly in a few weeks. Beginners can easily perform this physical activity in an empty stomach. Moreover, Tummy Vacuums is the best exercise for those women who have children. If you are an office goer and you are sitting for a long period without any physical activity then you can practice this exercise in the early morning at an early morning gym in Kolkata or in the home.

Tummy Vacuums helps in reconditioning the Transverse Abdominals (TVA) to brace the spinal part with intense movement. Here are two types of Tummy Vacuums given below:

Steps of Tummy Vacuums by Standing

  • Stand straight with your feet and shoulder-width apart.
  • Start breathing normally.
  • Try to exhale through the mouth, so the air is not left to your lungs.
  • Tuck your belly button inside.
  • Try to hold yourself in the same position for twenty seconds.
  • Breathe in and out while releasing the stomach.
  • Try to perform this workout five times without taking a break.

Steps of Tummy Vacuums by Lying on Back

  • Lie down on your back.
  • Knell on the floor with a table position.
  • Breathe in and out.
  • Move your head upwards and downwards.
  • Beginners should repeat the exercise two times with 5-10 counts each.

Low Plank

To strengthen and shape up your midsection of the body and to remove the flabby area of the core, a plank is the best exercise for the beginners. The certified trainers of the best gyms in Kolkata always suggests practicing low planks when you are focusing to reduce the fat of the bottom portion like tummy, hips, and waist.

Plank helps in building isometric strength, shaping up your waistline and improving the posture of your body. The other name of the plank is 360 core-toner, which targets the muscle-toning activity at the core portion. Moreover, it also helps to keep the muscles of the shoulder and glutes firm.

Steps of Planks

  • Lay on your stomach on the floor.
  • Now try to bend your elbows to 90 degrees and also rest your entire weight on your forearms. Remember, your elbows should be beneath your shoulders. Moreover, you need to keep your body straight from the head to feet.
  • Hold yourself in the same position as long as you can and don’t allow your hips to sink or raise.
  • Hold the position for 1-2 minutes.

Bird Dog Crunch

If you want to strengthen your lower back and abdomen, try to practice a modern form of crunch known as Bird Dog Crunch. This workout may not be famous to every fitness center in Kolkata, but in the premium gyms, the trained fitness coaches suggest to practice this exercise at least ten times.

Make sure that you have a yoga mat in your house where you can perform Bird Dog Crunch, otherwise, your balance will be disrupted, and your knees or elbows will pain. Females need special care for their knees and elbows, so trainers of ladies’ gyms in Kolkata give special guidance to the women for this exercise.

Steps of Bird Dog Crunch

  • Take normal breathing while doing this exercise.
  • Inhale and exhale while extending your opposite leg and arms.
  • Tuck your belly button and keep the back strong.
  • Never allow your back to move side by side.
  • Bring your elbow and knee at the center and try them to get touched.
  • After doing ten repetitions, switch your sides.

Tip: When you are trying to extend your legs behind, just allow it to touch it to the floor. This exercise is quite easy for beginners.

Seated Leg Lifting

This exercise is practiced in the best multigyms in Kolkata which trains a beginner to lose flab from abdominal region, waist, hamstrings and pelvic region of the body. If ladies are craving to bring curve in their waistline and men are passionate to get a toned lower body then Seated Leg Lifting is the best choice.

Steps of Seated Leg Lifting

  • Sit down to the floor by extending your legs straight in front of you.
  • Try to keep your core engaged and lean back slightly.
  • Place your hands on the other side of your glutes.
  • Lift one leg to 6-inches off from the floor with deep breathing.
  • Hold the leg for five seconds and then rest the leg to the ground.
  • Repeat the same steps with the other leg.
  • Beginners can repeatedly do it for alternatively 5-10 counts but not more than that.

Butterfly Sit-up

This exercise is the perfect workout for waistlines and hips because it cut down the fat from the waist and hip portion, and also keep your tummy flat. Moreover, Butterfly Sit-up also increase the stability of the body with flexibility.

If you are a beginner and you have less idea about the steps then you may also ask a good fitness trainer of the well-known and biggest gyms near you. They will help you with the steps of Butterfly Sit-up which is a little bit different from a normal sit up.

Steps of Butterfly Sit-up

  • Lift your soles of the feet together and bent the knees out to the sides.
  • Try to reach your arms overhead with the starting position.
  • Use your core to roll your body up when you are sitting upright.
  • Try to reach forward to touch your toes.
  • Now slowly lower your back down to the starting position.
  • Continue with the next repetition till three times if you are a novice fitness enthusiast.

Always remember, an appropriate physique is the induction of your persona. Your toned midsection is not only a mode to attract people but also the media to strengthen your core and increase confidence.

If you stay nearby South Kolkata visit one of  the well-known gyms near you, Starmark Fitness Studio where the trainers will introduce you to a new life of a chic personality. If you wish to know about the facilities of this fitness center, just call 9831130003 or (033) 40011213. For some fitness ideas, you can directly visit the address at 85 Prince Anwar Shah Road, 1st Floor, City High Building, and know about the workout plans and gym equipment.  





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